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About Us




Coral reefs are a treasured world with their amazing diversity of shapes and colours. They provide a daily alimentary resource to millions of people. All the while protecting coasts and human habitations, coral reefs are an important source of monetary income thanks to tourism. Their biodiversity contains hidden potentialities still unexplored by science. And thanks to the photosynthetic activity of their symbiotic algae, they act like one of the "lungs" of our planet, as the Amazonian forest does.


But, coral reefs are also an endangered world, with one fifth of their area having been continually destroyed over the last forty years. The causes? To name a few: an over-exploitation of marine resources, the harmful effect of global warming and growing pollution of oceanic waters which negatively impacts the entire marine ecosystem.


We must protect this world. If mankind continues to develop rapidly without stopping and taking Nature into consideration, there will not only be environmental degradation, but a complete extinction of coral reefs. Alas, the clock cannot be turned back in the process of evolution; an extinguished species will be lost forever.


It is imperative that a solution to this problem be found. That is the reason why Coral Reef Creator, was established as a marine consultancy offering a complete service in coral gardening and conservation.





Our team


Coral Reef Creator (CRC) is a marine consultancy based in Thailand and founded in 2009 by Gabriel Bidawid a Swiss-French Marine Biologist. CRC is composed by an international team of marine scientists with appropriate licenses, skills and proven experience in different field related to Marine Biology & Ecology, Coral Propagation, Marine Fishery, Aquaculture and Underwater Construction Engineering. For more information about team members, please check our LinkedIn Page.


Our team is a global partner to:


- Tailor innovative solutions around our partners’ needs and vision.

- Propose and apply the most sustainable and cost-effective solution.

- Restore, conserve and enhance marine ecosystems on the long term.

- Design and set up waterfront & underwater construction in any marine environments.

- Help our partners to make informed decision before carry out a project in coastal area.



First reason for being



If properly done, one of the best ways to develop sustainable fisheries and sustain livelihood in tropical coastal areas is to  restore and protect coral reefs. Our new approach in marine habitat enhancement is not only focused on fish population, which is normally the case with traditional artificial reefs, but on the whole coral ecosystem and coastal community involvement. 


Imagine a coral reef to be like a bustling city under the sea. The buildings are made of coral, and fish same as thousands of inhabitants living, in, or near the buildings. Thanks to coral propagation techniques and participative approach which have proven to be successful, CRC brings all its competence to build the framework for the development of sustainable marine ecosystems.