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What kinds of artificial reef projects are possible at my site?

It depends on the zone of implementation and the purpose. Concerning the zone of implementation, the reef project will be adapted to factors related to the geographic area such as: climate, temperature range, water quality, main currents, beach exposition, human implementation and activities, underwater topography, local marine biodiversity and biomass. Also, a reef doesn't have to be in "warm" water. CRC develops reefs to sustain fish biomass in any environment. For example, in "cold" countries we can install an artificial reef in order to increase the fish biomass.
In this case, the reef will be composed by large rocky structures, offering a multitude of shelters for fish. In tropical countries, if the marine
environment is strongly disturbed by such factors as constant pollution, a high range of temperatures or over-fishing, the reef will be designed
for fish repopulation. In fact, corals are very sensitive to temperature variation and water quality. Making the creation of a full-fledged coral reef
possible only in healthy tropical marine environments.