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Welcome to your lounge



Your Customer Lounge is designed to offer access to information about our specializing services we offer to you.


Imagine a coral reef to be like a bustling city under the sea: the buildings are made of coral and thousands of inhabitants live in, on, or near the buildings.


As sea gardeners, CRC brings all its knowledge and competence together to build the framework and create the essential habitation for the development of a full-fledged coral ecosystem. In other words, we will revitalize the deserted seabed of your private beach into a genuine Garden of Eden.


We are uniquely experienced to work efficiently and minimize installation costs. We will tailor the creation around your budget and needs to realize the Coral Reef that is right for your property. Three years monitoring and maintenance will be provided in order to guaranty the optimal development of your Coral Garden and assess its ecological evolution over time.



Feel free to contact us for any enquieries.