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Marine Fisheries / Aquaculture

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CRC establishes coral reef projects based on coral transplantation, marine habitat creation and protection. Every CRC coral reef is composed by two kinds of artificial structures called "Coral Props" and "Live Rocks".Coral Props are steel structures on which we graft corals. They provide an optimal support for the fixation and growth of transplanted corals which always come from broken and altered fragments found lying on the sea bed. Thus, it's possible to offer a second chance of life for these endangered coral colonies. After the corals fixate to the Coral Props, all these transplanted corals will enhance the habitat complexity, increasing the projects effectiveness in term of the quantity of shelters. Live Rocks are mineral structures mimicking natural rocky reefs and provide varied habitats for diverse marine species. Moreover, these porous rocky structures allow the development of the first and vital links of the food chain supporting closely the associated marine life.


Another way CRC creates sustainable solutions includes an agreement with local communities and governments to manage and protect the marine area also known as a "No-Take Reef Zone". It acts as a sanctuary providing shelters, food and a reproduction place for a wide range of marine species. Additionally, this area operates as a nursery spreading larvae and juveniles into the marine environment. Ultimately, this flourishing coral ecosystem enhances the natural productivity of the coastal marine environment, attracting predators that are often targeted by local fisheries.




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