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Resorts & Eco-Tourism Sector

Welcome to your lounge



Your Customer Lounge is designed to offer access to information about our specializing services we offer to you.


CRC offers more than just the possibility of creating high-quality marine habitats which provide reliable shelters for abundant marine life directly accessible to your guests. CRC understands the importance of communication through media sources to optimize the exposure of such an Eco-friendly project. During our 3 year contract, we will assist in advertising your living eco-feature in different media sources.


CRC provides not only an efficient << Free and Green >> advertising to your Resort and Corporation. CRC also offers all its competences to help its customers to win Awards in order to prove and guaranty, that you are reinventing Luxury Ecotourism.


Moreover, our expert assessment service represents an optimal solution for resorts who wish to acquire a property near the sea. It assures them about the feasibility and sustainability of their project. Also, CRC is uniquely experienced to design, install and maintain custom-tailored Aquariums. We are uniquely experienced and employ a wide range of specialized tools and procedures to work efficiently and minimize installation costs. We will tailor the creation around your budget and needs to realize the Coral Reef that is perfect for your Resort.


Three years of maintenance, monitoring and scientific follow-ups will be provided in order to guaranty the optimal development of your Coral Garden and assess its ecological evolution over time.




Feel free to contact us for any enquieries.